Vietnam Offshore Development

With 10 years of experience providing services in Japan, our know-how will be beneficial to your company’s development

All of the services provided by F-Plat, Inc. have been designed as a collaborative effort between Vietnamese and Japanese engineers.
As a result, the engineers enrolled at F-Plat Vietnam are proficient in Japanese system development and are capable of developing systems that are qualitatively unmatched by any other domestic firm at a low cost and with remarkable speed.
Also, we have a Japanese staff that, due to their rich experience in providing services over the years, is skilled at everything from defining requirements to development planning and operations.

What we are good atDeveloping Ruby on Rails WEB applications
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We offer flexibility in placing human resources

F-Play Vietnam is constantly engaged in developing in-house services, and we’re in a position to flexibly respond to your needs in terms of distributing human resources for commissioned projects.
From a single person to tens of people, please feel free to contact us.

We will flexibly respond to your needs

We can implement a development plan that suits your company's circumstances

Depending on your budgetary, scheduling, and human resource demands, we can provide you with an appropriate project plan.

Plan Example 1: Initial development in Japan with offshore hosting and operation

Initial development requires agility and is best handled by a team that resides in Japan. By moving the project offshore for hosting and maintenance, it’s possible to greatly reduce costs. There are always Japanese project managers overseeing each project, so the project can proceed smoothly with no need to worry about a loss of quality.
There’s no need to worry about Visas or lodgings for the Vietnamese staff. Everything can be left up to us.

Rapid development in Japan!Cost reduction through maintenance in Vietnam

Plan Example 2: If the customer handles project management then costs can be cut drastically!

If richly experienced project managers is at your company, then you can bypass our project managers and deal directly with our staff in Vietnam to realize extraordinary savings. Even in this case, your project manager is able to advise us on required developer skills, development tools, and project management tools. Even if this is your first offshore development project, it is sure to proceed reliably.

If the customer handles project management then costs can be cut drastically!

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